Vintage Lesbian

Vintage Lesbians. Affectionate Women. Boston Marriages. Lesbian innuendo. Antique erotica. Women being nude together. Lesbian History. Vintage Drag. Women who may not be Lesbians but we wish they were.

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pumpkindoodles-deactivated20121 asked: where can i find the books you post up for sale?

For the Pulp Fiction books, I’d check ebay or etsy, maybe amazon. I have one I paid $50 for on etsy(which was too much for me but I got excited and splurged) Depending on where you live, you may find some at a second hand book store, but I haven’t been lucky with that where I live. I just searched and found this… etsy. There are also some reprints and collections I’ve seen around. I have one called Twilight Girls that has two stories in it, but /i haven’t read them yet. 

Hope this helps!!