Vintage Lesbian

Vintage Lesbians. Affectionate Women. Boston Marriages. Lesbian innuendo. Antique erotica. Women being nude together. Lesbian History. Vintage Drag. Women who may not be Lesbians but we wish they were.

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whimsytallone asked: You're blog is such an inspiration and work of art. Thank you so much for it! Thank you for posting women of all different sizes and shapes! I LOVE IT!! I cannot really explain why, but your blog makes me more proud to be a lesbian. Thank you for doing what you do!!

I can’t explain it either but it makes me proud and comforted when I find these images, especially the genuine ones, rather then the posed erotica ones(which I still love) or the ones that make me create stories in my head that likely aren’t true. Thanks for the love! 

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